Pole Bunny® was born with a desire. To make garments with love so that you can love yourself a little bit more. 
Pole Fitness has given me so much and helped me grow. Now I want to help inspire others by creating fun, comfortable and bubbly pole fitness clothing that makes you feel good.
Below is my story...
Pole fitness started out as trying something new when I was living in a small city in New Zealand and knew very few people. An advert popped up on facebook and I thought, man that looks cool. It's different, it's expressive and you must have to have a lot of confidence to do that! Something I was lacking at this time. So, I gave the beginners course a go. Little did I know that I was about to be introduced to a sport that has changed my life. 
The community of amazing, passionate people was the very least of what I was expecting. In a time of my life where I needed a pick me up, and confidence boost, I instantly fell in love with pole fitness. The women I met and continue to meet are incredibly supportive, caring and I’ve made some lifelong friends. Not to mention the body confidence I gained, learning to love my body as it is, learning how to move it and what it is capable of achieving. Seeing the progress over time gives a sense of achievement. I’m in awe of the women and men who perform. For me, it takes a lot of guts to get up on the stage. But the process and effort it takes to put a routine together is so much fun. 
My trade is in design, mostly industrial and technical clothing. 'Design for performance' is usually how I explain it. Pole Bunny® for me, is a small business that allows me to express another creative side of me. Colours, design, prints, fit and comfort are all aspects that go into my designs. How cool is it that I can provide garments for these kick ass women (and men hopefully!) to a community that has brought me so much joy in the last 4 years . 
My promise to you; I promise to provide you high quality, comfortable, and made with love garments. ​
Your promise to me. To wear these garments with confidence, to love and respect others and spread beauty Xx